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Febathon anyone?

They think it’s all over. Thank god it is now. The last week has been difficult to stay on track – a mixed bag of running, turbo trainer and a couple of nights out with no training. I take my hat off to those that have managed something every day – it takes some doing.



Another shameful day yesterday. My backside flatly refused to move off the sofa and this weeks episode of ‘Africa’ swept me off to a place where janathon doesn’t exist. Tonight I did my best to get back on track with a half hour on the turbo. Looking forward to the thaw and getting back outside again.

Garage music

Another night on the turbo trainer in the garage. 30 minutes while listening to a medley of music I’ve put together for my dad’s 80th birthday party this weekend.

Token gesture

What with the snow and travelling to work, took the opportunity to walk to a meeting yesterday. Euston station to oxford circus – 2.7km.

Feels like christmas

Definitely a festive feel with lots of families out sledging and enjoying the christmas-card scenery. For my Janathon exercise, went walking with my wife and daughter across the local fields. Splendid.

Langlaufen anyone?

Damn those weather forecasters – they’re so good these days. Snow arrived bang on cue and deposited exactly the 4″ they said it should. Took to the bike turbo trainer in my garage and turned the room into a steam sauna after 30 mins spinning. Totals so far; Running – 42.1km Swimming – 1km Turbo trainer – 3 hours Road bike – 20km Line dancing – 3 hours

Keep going you fool

I think Janathon is doing me in. My heart rate is 39bpm. #instantheartrate